• Spring Break.. me off a piece of that chicken

    So apparently, humans in college have this thing called “Spring Break”. Some people choose to go to Cancun, go on a cruise, or to visit Europe; however, some will choose to hang out with their furry best friend. Mom decided that she wanted to take me to some of her (and my) favorite places. Honestly,… Read more

  • Chancellor’s Pet

    Chancellor’s Pet

    You know how there is always that one kid that knows everything and the teacher just loves? Yeah, well that’s me. Except no one gets annoyed at me because I am a dog. Oh, and I just so happen to be the Chancellor’s Pet. Today was International Women’s Day, and I got to meet one… Read more

  • Wake Pup, Carolina 

    Hello and Good Morning– My name is Holden the Golden and I’ll be reporting the news today. Just kidding! However, I did get to go on set on ‘Wake Up, Carolina’ this morning. Wake Up, Carolina is the first morning newscast at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And I got to make a guest… Read more

  • A Tar Heel For Life

    Have you ever visited somewhere and it felt just like home? Well, that’s basically everywhere for me because I’m a dog and I can do what I want. However, there is just something about the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It’s a place where people smile while walking through the Upper Quad and… Read more

  • Vanilla, extra sprinkles please

    I have a sweet tooth. They say I must take after my mom. But who is to blame us? I mean my diet consists of brown pellets of who knows what, so sorry I like to clean up the floor when people “accidentally” drop yummy things. Recently, someone dropped this thing called ice cream. *drooling*… Read more

  • Here Mom, let me lick your tears

    As a dog, pretty much everything is awesome. Waking up and licking mom’s face first thing as the sun rises: awesome. Pooping wherever I want: awesome. Getting hugs by strangers and making people happy: awesome. I love being a dog, and trust me, you would too, but you’re a human (lol at you). Sometimes, however,… Read more