He’s Not Here, but Holden Is

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Man, it sure has been a great, but long few weeks. You humans will often say that calls for a nice cold beer. Well, turns out dogs like to turn up, too. Last week, I thought I’d make my way to Pint Night at He’s Not Here. All you UNC folks know about the beloved He’s Not, but for you who don’t, it is a wonderful bar that is also dog friendly. *snaps* *I can’t snap* *high five?* *score*


I’ve been wanting to make it to He’s Not for a while, since I’ve heard about a lot of cute pups being there. I finally got to go!

This beer tastes a lot like water?!

Everyone was so friendly and I actually got to meet a lot of other dogs, too. Unfortunately since I am only one year old, I couldn’t get a beer. Looks like I have about 20 more to go.

Don’t worry guys , I got us a table. 

I’m so glad that I got to check another item off of my bucket list. I only have a few more to go! I am so sad that I have only one more month of calling Chapel Hill my home. But I guess I will always be a Tar Heel For Life.

With wings and yuengling,
Holden the Golden

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