• It’s Me, Hi

    It’s Me, Hi

    Well, my goodness. As the great Taylor Swift would say, “it’s been a long time coming”. It’s been YEARS since I have written about my life. Guess what – I am still living the golden life as Holden the Golden. I am much wiser now that I am 8.5 years old (I know, where did… Read more

  • Update on Holden’s Big Heart

    Update on Holden’s Big Heart

    Holden decided to give me the computer again today so he and Sophie could go grab a latte. Just kidding, he knew that I am the one with opposable thumbs and can probably write a bit better than him. It’s been several months since I have read the latest blog post we made. I just… Read more

  • One Big Heart

    So typically, Holden writes these blog posts, but he asked me to write this one today, because he said his paws would get tired since it’s a long one . It may not be as funny or as cute as when he writes, but he let me know he’d let this one slide. On Friday,… Read more

  • Tar Heel FURever

    Tar Heel FURever

    Life these days have been pretty PAWfect. My sister Sophie and I have been playing, I’ve gotten lots of love from new and old friends and it’s finally Spring! This means that I get to go on so many adventures. In order to look my doggone best, I needed some new swag. Luckily, UNC hooked… Read more

  • Bark at the Bosh

    Bark at the Bosh

    Okay, so as a dog, I don’t really know much about sports. But I do know one thing — I love balls. Tennis balls. Footballs. Baseballs. Yep, love all of them. Oh, and I also love the Tar Heels, because well, duh, I’m a Tar Heel. You want to know something else that’s super cool?… Read more

  • Welcome Home, Sophie

    So I think it’s time that I share the news with you. I am no longer the only (fur) child. Yep. This is real. I now have a sister. *rolls eyes* Ok, ok. I’m just kidding’, I’m actually super excited. Last July, my pawrents adopted miss Sophie girl from a family friend. They had no… Read more