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If you know of  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, you know how special and beloved the basketball program is. For decades, fans from around the world have watched each team grow every season, strengthening the bond between fans and players. But something that people also love about the basketball program here at UNC, is their coach. If you have been following along with my UNC Bucket List, you know that I still need to see Coach Roy Williams. Yes, THE Coach Roy Williams. Well, my friends, that happened today.

I walk and wag into the Basketball Office at the Dean Smith Center, not really knowing what was going on. I kept thinking to myself, “Wow this place is so shiny and has a lot of nice furniture I’d love to jump all over!” Then, I notice that there were a lot of really excited faces, all looking at me! A few minutes later, Sean May, one of the players that won the National Championship, comes up and gives me pets. I only drooled a little bit. (On the shiny clean floors… oops).

What do you think happens next? Yep, you named it. Coach Williams comes out to meet ME. Out of all the pups in the sea, he came to see me.

Hi yes, please give me pets. You’re famous? So am I!

What a wonderful man, and basketball coach! After talking to him a little bit, I think it’s safe to say I’ve secured my spot on the newly recruited team.

When you and Coach Roy are bffs. 

Since this was such a big ordeal, I thought I should bring my mom along with me. Humans, right?! Always, trying to get all up in our daily dog business. Just kidding, I love her and I’m a dog so obviously she brought me here.

Mom, please stop trying to steal my light. This is all about me here!

Meeting Roy was one of the last items to check off my Bucket List, and boy was that special. I got to meet one of the world’s most renown basketball coaches in history. He is a very special man and even had room in his tight schedule to meet with a furry legged friend. Okay guys, the secret is out. I am now Holden the Golden #1. Position: Point Guard(ing the food).

With basketballs and hatred for Dook,
Holden the Golden

P.S. My mom wanted me to write how thankful she is to everyone who helped make this happen. Yall are the best.


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