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Okay guys, you may think I’m just a dog. And yes, I am extremely cute, fluffy and loveable, but one thing you may not know about me is that I am super tech savvy. I mean how do you think I’m able to write this blog? Lol, anyways. There is something new out there. A new app that relates to everyone. Even me, as a dog. You’re wondering, what is this new app? Hopspot.


Hopspot is a social network app designed to connect friends together in real life. It’s an app for you and the friends you hang out with. One of the coolest things about the app is that is refreshes every 24 hours, so it is always relevant. If I want to find some friends to come give me pets and bring me treats, I can just tell all my friends that I’m connected with, and they will know what I’m up to.


So Hopspot is definitely the new app that you need in your life. Oh, and after you download it, you should add me on it (Holden the Golden), so that we can hopefully hang out! But guess what? I’m hanging out with the people of Hopspot this coming Friday, Oct. 7 at He’s Not in Chapel Hill. You should come say hey and bring your friends! If you bring me treats, I will probably promote you to “favorite person ever”, along with everyone else I’ve ever met, #goldenretrievers am I right? Some come grab a blue cup and pet your favorite pup (and download Hopspot!).

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Can’t wait to see you there!

With technology and the next best thing,
Holden the Golden

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