Welcome Home, Sophie

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So I think it’s time that I share the news with you. I am no longer the only (fur) child. Yep. This is real. I now have a sister. *rolls eyes* Ok, ok. I’m just kidding’, I’m actually super excited.

Last July, my pawrents adopted miss Sophie girl from a family friend. They had no idea what she was like since they had never met her, but felt that this was the right thing to do. So they left me all alone (seriously?!) and drove three hours (both ways!) to pick her up. And here we are.


When we first met, we both were like “OMG dog, you’re a dog, I’m a dog.. let’s be friends!”, but I don’t think either one of us realized it was a real thing. Like we just thought it was a temporary thing. LOL JOKES ON US because Sophie has been welcomed into the family with open arms (and paws).

The cutest siblings you ever did see

She’s the prettiest girl ever and also the craziest. I try to show her how she should act in public (since I’m like a superstar or whatever), but she still doesn’t understand. It’s fine, she will get it one day. In the meantime, we love to play tug-o-war, stalk each other  and both get all the pets we possibly can. Sophie also likes to make the prettiest of faces..

I such a pwetty girl

She’s not insta-famous, but she definitely could be. She brings my pawrents lots of love and laughs, and she is a buddy for me to have endless play sessions with. Have you adopted a second dog into your family? We’d love to hear your story and share even more of Sophie’s with you!

With cuddles and learning to share,
Holden the Golden


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