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Life these days have been pretty PAWfect. My sister Sophie and I have been playing, I’ve gotten lots of love from new and old friends and it’s finally Spring! This means that I get to go on so many adventures. In order to look my doggone best, I needed some new swag.

Luckily, UNC hooked it up. I got home and there was this UNC Play and Heel Box that I just knew had so many goodies in it. And better yet, TAR HEEL goodies! As you can see, my reaction to receiving all of these pawesome products is #classicholden.



Y’all know that I am a Tar Heel pup, so these items were exactly what I needed. I will look fabulous when I rock my new UNC collar and leash when I go to Piney Woods Dog Park. The quality is so nice, and my mom says that I look way cuter than every dog in the neighborhood already. Oh, and can we just talk about this dog baseball hat?! Mom already said shes going to try to steal it. Keyword: try. Sorry not sorry, Mom.This hat is made just for dogs, and looks SO cute on my fluffy head.


Y’all already know I love to play. Thank goodness that UNC has this super sweet tennis ball toy! I already feel like a fancy pup, even while playing. I already told Sophie I am not sharing this toy with her. She has a bad past with tennis balls. I can already picture us going to a fun park on a beautiful spring day and *attempting* to fetch and retrieve this super fun toy. And since I felt bad about not sharing my hat, I did share my new UNC scarf with my mom. She is loving it and told me that it’s so perfect, too. Maybe she will even wear it when we go to the park? Oh yeah! Because who doesn’t want to match their dog?

IMG_2394 3IMG_2392

My favorite part of every day is seeing my mom. Okay, I lied. It’s actually when she feeds me. Still counts, right? This new Carolina dog bowl is everything that I could dream of — I dream of food, duh. I’m definitely already drooling at the fact that I get fed dinner in a few hours in my new fancy bowl.


In this UNC Play and Heel Box, the coolest UNC shirt came in it. I just knew I had to let me cat brother, Kitty, have it. Even though he is a cat, he is pretty cool in this Tar Heel gear, too. This shirt is made for dogs, but Kitty thinks he is a dog, so nobody has to know.

I can’t wait to be the talk of the neighborhood in all of my new gear. All of these truly are awesome products that are perfect to use for your pup when you go out and about. Which reminds me.. Did I forget to tell you about the second Bark at the Bosh. It’s been rescheduled to a later date in May, and you and your pup totally need to go. I had so much fun at the last Bark at the Bosh. I met so many new friends and felt so cool being able to watch baseball with my mom. And I do have to say that it makes the best photo op, but why wouldn’t you want a selfie with your dog in a baseball stadium?

Now that I have all of this new UNC gear, it’s time to explore. I can’t wait to keep you updated with the adventures to come.

With baseball hats, cool leashes, and love,
Holden the Golden

This blog part is in partnership with UNC.

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