The Day I Became a Sup Pup

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Sup Dog? You got hot dogs in here?

Do you ever think think to yourself: man, I really would do some crazy things for a hot dog today? Probably not, because you’re human. As for me, I think of this at least six times a day. I knew where there was really only one real option to get the perfect dog: Sup Dogs. Sup Dogs quickly grew to become everyone’s favorite place at UNC for Sup Dogs, Sup Burgers, and SupTizers (including the famous Cheesy Tots omg). It was only fitting that I had to get my paws on my own dog at Sup Dogs for my Bucket List, because I mean, I’m a dog, too.

Hi, yes. I’ll take a table for one dog please. 

So I made my way to the restaurant and asked for a table. These guys totally knew the deal with real dogs, because they have dog in their name so obviously we became best friends.

Ha! They think I am only going to eat one hot dog….

Once I was seated, I immediately began to ponder what Sup Dog I wanted to get. They have 23 different dogs to choose from. Might as well order one of each.


While I waited, I just contemplated life as a dog and how I get to boss my human around, wear cool t-shirts with dogs on them (thanks Sup Dogs!), and how I still get scared of my own farts… I just don’t understand them.

Leave it? Psh, more like EAT IT.

And then it was time. The first Sup Dog was here. I didn’t know whether to just stare at it and glorify its beauty, or devour it in 3 seconds. I chose the latter.

Om nom nom, yes very good, very good.

Man, humans are always right when it comes to finding the best places to eat. It’s kind of hard to eat a hot dog without hands, but I didn’t let that get in my way. Pick your battles wisely they say.

Oh my dog, I am so cute. Look at me in this t-shirt omg. Smile for the human. 

So, I got to check another item off of my Bucket List, while totally messing up my diet (#worthit). Sup Dogs definitely filled my craving of hot dogs, and I think it’s safe to say that I became a Sup Pup. I’d also like to say thank you to everyone who is following my adventures while I live this extraordinary golden life! If I were to meet you, I would lick your face and then ask for more hot dogs.

With Cheesy Tots and Fried Pickles,
Holden the Golden

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