Here Mom, let me lick your tears

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As a dog, pretty much everything is awesome. Waking up and licking mom’s face first thing as the sun rises: awesome. Pooping wherever I want: awesome. Getting hugs by strangers and making people happy: awesome. I love being a dog, and trust me, you would too, but you’re a human (lol at you).

Sometimes, however, in a world of awesomeness, there is sadness. There is pain. There is suffering. These are things as a dog that I have a hard time understanding, because I want people around me to be happy at all times. Unfortunately, this past week has been one of those times.

Let me begin with the backstory. My mom’s grandmother Pat Pat, had been struggling with Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease for three years, however this never stopped her wonderful love for others and grace. Now this is where I come in.

Oh wow, this is a pretty lady. I just met her but I love her.

On my first day with my new family, the first stop we made on our way home was to see Pat Pat. I didn’t know where I was, or who anyone was, but that didn’t stop me from spreading love (even at eight weeks old). I was sitting on Pat Pat’s lap and this is when my mom knew that I had a gift with the elderly and fragile. Look at that huge smile on her face! I put that there! Que happy moment.

As time progressed and I grew up, Pat Pat became more and more affected with the disease. Every time we were home from school, we would go see our beloved grandmother.

Omg yes, I just got to lick Pat Pat’s hand. It tasted like love and mashed potatoes!

Every time we would visit her, I was so happy because I knew the joy that I brought to so many people. I would walk up to all of the nurses and give them kisses, greet the other residents at the nursing home, and of course stand by Pat Pat as she rested.

But, we knew the time would come. About a week ago, Mom received the news that the time for Pat Pat’s beautiful stay on Earth would soon end. We drove home to be with the rest of the family, and of course see our sweet Pat Pat. In our stay, I was with other members of the family and everyone’s faces lit up when I walked into the room. I’m not sure why people love me so much, but I sure do love them.

Let me on your lap! I swear I only weigh 5 pounds.

A few days later when we were back at school, I had just gotten done eating my dinner and Mom was on the couch. She received a phone call and I could immediately tell something was wrong. She was crying and I didn’t know why. All I knew is that I had to help. My best friend was sad and I knew exactly what I had to do. Don’t ask me how I knew these things, but dogs are awesome, remember? We know when you are happy. We know when you are sad. It is our job to be able to show you our unconditional love that we have for you at all times. In these moments, however, is when we truly shine.

Mom, don’t be sad. I love you so much. Hold me as tight as you need to. I am here.

The bond between a human and their dog is unlike anything else in this world. In happy times, troubling times, and in every day life, we will be there for you if you give us the chance. If you’re reading this, you probably realize that this is much different than what I usually post. I am posting this today to show the love I have for my mom, my family, and anyone I come in contact with. My mom calls me a special dog, but I think I am just like any dog who loves their owner.

Holden the Golden

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  1. lanier61 Avatar

    Dear Holden, I love this blog post. You captured all the life and live and goodness of a beautiful family. Please give your mom an extra hug and kiss from me and whisper to her that we love her and her entire family very much. Love, Karla Lanier (you may remember me– you came to my house when you were a wee baby; I am Jack and Jill’s mom.)

    1. Caroline Bowers Avatar
      Caroline Bowers

      Aww of course I remember you! Thank you so much. 🙂 Please give jack and Jill a kiss for me! Hope to see you again soon!

  2. Matilda Kistler Avatar
    Matilda Kistler

    Our beloved fur babies have unconditional love and sense our moods….way to go Holden!

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