Wake Pup, Carolina 

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Hello and Good Morning– My name is Holden the Golden and I’ll be reporting the news today.

Just kidding! However, I did get to go on set on ‘Wake Up, Carolina’ this morning. Wake Up, Carolina is the first morning newscast at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. And I got to make a guest appearance.

Hi, I’m ready for my close up. Thanks.

I walked up on set and instantly new it was my time to shine. You could say that all eyes were on me.

Omg, I hear your famous, too. Let’s be best friends. 

Well, because I am a dog, and dogs aren’t usually in news rooms, I got a lot of attention. However, I showed everyone that I was just like them! Just because I have four legs and smell like bacon/trash doesn’t mean that I can’t sit in my own chair, too. I got to co-anchor with my new best friend, Maddie, who just happens to be pretty famous, too. Hey girl hey.

You has treat? No? Okay, I still love you.

We were all mic’d up and it was show time. I had been sitting in my chair for a while so I was starting to get pretty sleepy… I even yawned while on air AND laid in Mom’s lap while she was talking. I didn’t plan on it being that cute, but dang.. right on cue.

It was so amazing to get to be on set today! Of course, I had no clue why there were all of these lights, and why people were jumping around trying to get me to look at them, but IT WAS AWESOME because I got so much love. It’s pretty cool being a dog because it just so happens to be that when you love people, they happen to love you back.

You can watch my feature (trust me, you want to) right here:


With coffee and cream filled donuts,
Holden the Golden

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  1. Matilda Kistler Avatar
    Matilda Kistler

    Holden, you are such a celebrity! Don’t let it inflate your ego! Hope we can meet the next time you’re in Motown!

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