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You know how there is always that one kid that knows everything and the teacher just loves? Yeah, well that’s me. Except no one gets annoyed at me because I am a dog. Oh, and I just so happen to be the Chancellor’s Pet.

Today was International Women’s Day, and I got to meet one of the most influential and strong women I’ve ever met! The Chancellor of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Carol L. Folt, walked out of her building saying “I feel like this is such an honor to be meeting Holden THE Golden!” Don’t worry, I only fandogged for a second. I was about to meet one of the coolest, most genuine Chancellors around, no big deal.

Omg are all of these people coming to meet me? 

We met by the beloved Old Well, one of the symbols of the university, and you could say it was love at first bark. I found out that Chancellor Folt actually previously owned two golden retrievers, so we instantly had a connection.

Does my smile look too forced? I got nervous.

I can’t believe she took the time out of her busy schedule to meet with me. I was so honored that the leader of our University came to meet me, a furry four-legged creature, to help check off another item on my UNC Bucket List.

Score! I made the Chancellor laugh!

The love and support I have gotten from the UNC community has been way more than I could have ever imagined receiving. As a pup who just aims to please people and love everyone, it feels amazing to be at a place where many people want to return the favor. I am so thankful to have had this opportunity to meet Chancellor Folt, as I will always cherish this memory (and so will my mom). Thank you to everyone who has helped me check items off of my Bucket List and to those who read about all of my adventures. I can’t wait to continue to share more as I continue living this golden life as Holden.

With dirty water and dog slobber,
Holden the Golden


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