Spring Break.. me off a piece of that chicken

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So apparently, humans in college have this thing called “Spring Break”. Some people choose to go to Cancun, go on a cruise, or to visit Europe; however, some will choose to hang out with their furry best friend.

Mom decided that she wanted to take me to some of her (and my) favorite places. Honestly, anywhere I go that has food and toys is my favorite place, but don’t tell her that.

Our first stop happened to be a pretty special one. It turns out that it was the place where I was named after: Holden Beach, North Carolina. It has a pretty cool name if you ask me.

Ah yes, make sure to get all of the sand on my nose.

At Holden Beach, we did a lot of hanging out and relaxing, since school has been so busy this last semester. If you’re wondering, I’m making all A’s in my classes. Even Chancellor Folt thinks I’m a smart pup (look at my last post). Though we did a lot of relaxing, I got to practice the magnificent game that I adore like crazy: fetch.

This ball. Throw. Please. Thanks.

This is soooo fetch. 


My parents and I went on so many walks and they even let me OFF LEASH! They were amazed at how well I listened and came back when I was called.

Puppy Sun Bathing.. it’s a thing right?

I LOVED going back to Holden Beach and I can’t wait to go back again soon. My favorite thing to do is dig a hole and place my ball in it, only to dig it out again. Probably the coolest thing ever. Besides chicken. Although we had a wonderful time at the beach, it was time to head to where my mom calls home.. The mountains of North Carolina.

When we came home, I couldn’t wait to go hiking again. Mom and I love going to Hawksbill Mountain, but we decided to do something new together. We chose to go to Linville Falls, and boy it was spectacular.

Alright human, let me pull you up this hill.

I was ready to get on the trail the second I got out of the car! On our way, you can just imagine how many glamour shots mom took of me. She is practicing her photography, and I just happen to be her favorite model. IMG_9941IMG_9936

After Mom got done being annoying and making me smile and tilt my head, it was time. Time to get to the falls. We hiked to an overlook that showed how tall the actual falls were first, and the view was crazy. IMG_9962

Sure, it was cool seeing the falls but we wanted to get up close and personal (just like I do with every girl dog I see). We decided to hike all the way back and down to the most beautiful waterfall.

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”… lol I chase everything

The past few days have been some of the best days I’ve ever had. I have traveled through almost the whole state of North Carolina and made my way to see some breathtaking views. You could say I had one heck of a Spring Break. I love being a dog and being able to go to so many places that make me so happy. I can’t wait to keep sharing all of my adventures with you! I can guarantee you that there will be some exciting ones coming soon.

With mud and wet dog smell,
Holden the Golden


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