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I love to eat. Everything. But who doesn’t? I use to have the bad habits of eating socks, but for some crazy reason, my mom has forbidden me from my favorite delicious snack. Trust me, I’m heartbroken because they were so stinky and smelled like her so I LOVED them. However, I think this is because she wants the best of me.

So what can I eat then, if not socks (and underwear.. sorry Mom ugh)? On a daily basis, after I finish my morning walk, Mom feeds me one cup of Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Puppy Formula. Because I am still growing and filling out (making gainz yall), I am still on a puppy formula to ensure that I get all of the required nutrients. I also get on capsule of Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplement in my food every morning which I love to chew up immediately. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but this is why my coat is so shiny and soft. I mean I actually have no idea why I get it, but Mom say’s its realllyyy good for me so I just go along with it. Then after each and every long day, I get one more cup of my delicious dinner.

Recently, Mom heard from a representative from Nature’s Logic, a pet food brand that is dedicated to offering diets that are made exclusively with whole foods and 100% natural ingredients. She tells me that Nature’s Logic diets:

  • Are free of common allergens and include no corn, wheat, rice, soy, potato, tapioca, peas or sweet potatoes
  • Contain natural antioxidants from fruits and vegetables in the USA
  • Do not contain any man-made synthetic vitamins, minerals, or amino acids, nor any genetically engineered fruits, veggies, nuts, grasses, or seeds
  • Have probiotics and enzymes that help increase nutrient absorption and aid in digestion
  • Are nutrient dense and highly digestible

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We actually just received a bag of Nature’s Logic Duck & Salmon Meal Feast and I am so excited to try it. I know that Mom would only feed me the very best, so I can’t wait to see what this has in store.

Throughout the day, I love to perform tricks for my mom because I always want her to think I’m the coolest. Also, I know that I will get treats. So why not do tricks?! I can sit, shake, lay down, spin, stay, leave it, speak, and am working on roll over. Roll over is the hardest thing ever ugh help. To encourage me, Mom gives me Milk Bones, Natural Balance Food Rolls, Rachel Ray’s Soup Bones, and other treats I receive monthly in my Bark Box.

Long story short, I love food. Actually I love everything. I am one happy dog.

With stealing pizza off Mom’s plate and bully sticks,
Holden the Golden

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