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EVERYONE! I have missed you so much. Almost as much as I miss Mom when she leaves for 5 minutes and then comes back.. So tragic. Life has been pretty crazy since I graduated from one of the greatest Universities in the nation. A lot of changes in my life have occurred. However, life is never ruff.. It’s pawesome. Yep, still have the jokes.

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So. I thought I’d update you on some things. First, let me tell you about some adventures I’ve been on. All of a sudden, Mom has taken up kayaking. Naturally, that means that I have also taken up kayaking because where my mom goes, I go.


Oh, I felt so free as the wind was blowing through my golden locks while Mom was doing all the work. Sorry Mom, but I don’t have thumbs so paddling would be quite the challenge.

Our lake day was an absolute blast! I can’t wait to go out on the lake again soon. Mom said she loves me so much that she had to put safety first and buy me a life jacket. That’s fine because I looked *so fine* in my new Ruffwear life jacket. I could swim for days and my mom didn’t have to worry about me getting too tired from swimming.


Secondly, I want to update you from my last post about the delicious food I’ve been eating. Nature’s Logic Duck & Salmon Meal Feast has been everything I could imagine eating and more. I mean sure I love cheeseburgers and french fries, but in order to keep my figure, I guess I better eat the good stuff. This food is to die for, and I eat it so fast. Luckily, my friends at Outward Hound sent me the coolest dog bowl ever. It’s a slow feeder bowl, which makes me eat my food slower. I have to navigate my way through the creases to make sure I get every piece of kibble. Why are humans so darn clever? 


Now that life is starting to calm down again, I plan on going on many more adventures. Obviously, I want you to join in our adventures; therefore, I will be posting all about them and keeping you updated on my golden life as Holden.

With doggy paddling and kibble,
Holden the Golden


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